The Small Project A bundle of clothes spilling from a bag with a cuddly mouse looking out over the edge.

Can you donate clothes or baby equipment?

Your donation

It's really important that the items we pass on to people are in excellent condition and that they feel good about receiving them. Please check everything thoroughly before giving to us, making sure it is clean, stain-free, fully functioning and looking good. Thank you!

Getting your donations to us


We are taking all items as usual except for 3-6/6-9month clothing as we are full to capacity in these. Thank you!

Items we normally take

  • Bibs
  • Blankets (cellular blankets only)
  • Books for young children (good quality, popular books in a readable condition)
  • Bottles (excellent condition)
  • Bouncer chairs (with three-point harness; lightweight only so that people are able to carry them home)
  • Buggies/prams (please get in contact with [email protected] before donating, thank you)
  • Changing bags
  • Clothes 0-4yrs (please sort into separate bags by age and gender, i.e., '0-3 months Girl')
  • Moses baskets
  • Muslin cloths (new or nearly new only)
  • Nappies (reusable, disposable or swim nappies; opened packs are fine)
  • Pram suits
  • Sheets (fitted sheets for moses basket/cot, mattress protectors)
  • Shoes (first shoes to size 10)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Slings
  • Toys (just a select few please - we're unable to take big bagfuls. No battery-operated toys)

Items we don't take

  • Adult clothes
  • Battery operated items of any kind
  • Breastfeeding cushions
  • Breast pumps
  • Cots/cribs
  • Door bouncers
  • Electrical items of any kind
  • Highchairs
  • Large bagfuls of soft toys

If there is anything you would like to donate and can’t see on either of these lists then please check with us first. Thanks.

What to do with the things we don’t take

Camberwell Salvation Army or Little Village may take items which we’re not able to. Check the links or contact them for up to date info.

You can recycle any unwanted/old/stained (but clean) clothes by giving them to participating H&M and M&S stores for textile recycling, or take them to your nearest textile recycling bank (check your council website).

Pass things which are still in good condition to your friends, neighbours, local charity shop. You can also use freecycle and freegle to give things away in your area.

What we do with the donations we receive

The clothes and other items we receive are made available free of charge to any families in financial need. We have also recently started a trial scheme offering anyone, regardless of circumstances, the opportunity to borrow clothing which we have surplus of for a cash donation. In this way we can promote clothing re-use and reduce waste across the whole community.

The Small Project reserves the right to give away, sell or dispose of any donated items which are unsuitable for our use.

Getting your donations to us

Donations can be dropped off at Oasis Playspace at the following times (term time only):

Thursdays 10am-noon during  our Small Project sessions
Mondays and Fridays 10-11.30am during Oasis play sessions
All weekday afternoons 4-6pm during Oasis after school club 

Remember the Playspace is closed during school holidays

Please make sure all donations are clean and in great condition ready for another family to use. Thank you!